BetterBNC Provides Media Contests with a Range of Payment Options

Whether your entering a media contest or managing the contest, handling entry payments can be challenging.  People want to submit payment in different ways and it’s critical that the process be secure  as well as easy to track and document.

Leading media contest platform BetterBNC is constantly improving the payment process for its participating contests.  The platform allows a contest to collect credit card payments directly from the contest webpage, accept payments through PayPal, track payments made via mailed check or the organization can use its own payment cart.  Flexibility is important to our customers and we are committed to  making it easy and secure for everyone involved.

Want to know more about the platform being used by more than 160 organizations today?  Contact BetterBNC at 360.427.6300 to learn how it can help improve your print journalism, broadcasting, creative, public relations and other media related contests.  Call and schedule a free demo today.

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