4 Easy Steps to Getting Started with BetterBNC

Whether your contest is currently run manually or you’re using a different online platform, moving to BetterBNC is fast and easy.  Just a couple of steps and you’re ready to go.

  1. Contact BetterBNC to schedule a complimentary demo so you can see the platform at work from the perspectives of the contest admin, judges and contestants.
  2. Review your BetterBNC proposal which will include any modules or other features you may need.  Remember that all training and support for the year is included in your base price!
  3. Once you approve and return your signed proposal, you will complete an Excel template which guides the BetterBNC team building your contest.
  4. Once your template has been completed, the team will start building your contest and you can schedule training at your convenience.

For most of our customers, the contest can be built in just a couple of weeks.  When your admin logs into the contest, everything is there and ready to go but they can complete tasks such as making any changes, entering members/judges, creating a customized contest homepage, and more. The BetterBNC support team is always available if they have any questions or need help, and there’s never an additional charge for support.

The platform is overwhelmingly preferred by contest judges who, after using BetterBNC to judge contests, consistently recommend that their own media organizations make the switch to BetterBNC.  Contestants also enjoy the ease of entering awards programs using the platform saying it is saving them time and energy.

BetterBNC has been designed specifically for journalism, creative and public relations awards program and we’re committed the success of your contest.  Give us a call if you’d like to take a look at the platform and see how it can make your contest even BETTER!

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