Why choose BetterBNC for your contest?

Why BetterBNC — an easy, intuitive online platform designed specifically for the print and broadcast media, creative and PR industries?

  • Operates on powerful cloud servers to ensure smooth operation even during the busiest of contest seasons.
  • Includes robust standard features and can be customized to your unique contest requirements.
  • Encourages industry best-practices for fairness, transparency and ethical behavior.
  • Features designed to help your contestants and judges manage their work efficiently.
  • Accommodates contests of all sizes and complexities.
  • Is an affordable and efficient contest solution for all types of media organizations.
  • BetterBNC is repeatedly recognized for its outstanding user support and administrator training.
  • BetterBNC’s Advisor Group, made up of contest executives and senior admins, provides valuable oversight and gives you a voice in new features and benefits.

BetterBNC is being used by hundreds of organizations across North America and thousands of contestants.  Schedule a complimentary demo today and see how BetterBNC can improve your organization’s contest experience for your contest admin, judges and contestants.  Email karen@smalltownpapers.com for details.

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