Training a new contest administrator.

Speaking with an organization looking at BetterBNC this week, the question came up about how contest admins are trained on the platform. It was of particular concern since, in their contest, the admin changes from year to year.

With BetterBNC, all of your training and support for the year is included in your base price – there is no additional charge to train a new admin or field tech support questions.  When someone new comes into the position, the outgoing admin can show them around the platform and familiarize them with the dashboard and we are available to provide training as needed.  The transition from one admin to the other is seamless.

Another question was whether there is a significant learning curve if an organization moves from another platform to BetterBNC.  We work with our contests to make that switch as easy as possible and generally find that those who have used another online platform adjust quickly to BetterBNC.

Those who have been running manual contests often find it so much easier than dealing with paperwork and physical entries that they, too, have an easy transition. The platform has been designed to be both powerful and intuitive to use.

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