File Size Matters

For very large PDF file entries (such as for PR/ad campaigns or General Excellence categories), some contestants choose to first e-publish these entries on their Issu, VuDu, or RealView platform. These are third party vendors with their own offerings and plans, so contestants should be mindful of what their plan offers. When addressing the file size issue with your contestants, remember:

  • BetterBNC recommends individual files be under 5 mb but the platform will allow up to 20 mb per entry attachment.
  • Judges’ time is important, so file size is critical to ensuring their total time commitment to your contest does not become burdensome waiting for unnecessarily large files to download.
  • Encourage contestants to use Acrobat or other available programs to reduce the size of the PDF file before uploading. Select the resolution for “web viewing” – 72-99 dpi is sufficient.

Contestants who might be struggling with extra large file sizes are encouraged to seek our assistance by submitting a trouble ticket — we can help.

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