BetterBNC’s support for contest judges and contestants

BetterBNC provides timely and thorough support for everyone involved in your contest. Questions about rules, eligibility and payments should be directed to the contest admin but you can send your judges and contestants to BetterBNC for any other needed support. They just complete a trouble ticket and we’ll take it from there. All support is included — there is no additional charge. We’re here to ensure your contest is a success.

What happens when the Contestant Manager account belonged to a former employee? Typically, this situation is revealed when the new employee uses the “lost password” feature, only to discover the link is being sent to a dead email address. When contacted, we will use predetermined security screening steps to verify their authority to become the new Contestant Manager. If we are unable to make a determination, we refer the new employee back to the contest admin who can then update the Contestant Manager information.

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