A look at what’s new at BetterBNC.

BetterBNC works to continuously improve the user experience for everyone involved in your contest, including:

  • A redesigned entry form which is even more user friendly
  • PayPal Advanced major software update with the latest version integrated into BetterBNC
  • Backend upgrades including the migration to the latest generation cloud servers to ensure stability, reliability and speed.

We’re not stopping there. We’re already hard at work on platform enhancements that will be in place for the upcoming contest season beginning in September.

  • Customized homepage featuring new templates and an improved web editor interface to allow more freedom in design and ease of use of the homepage editor.
  • Open Call® will see upgraded tools and features and a simplified administrator process.
  • New reporting options with many reports having the option to display as tables (and/or download as xls); more reporting choices will also be available.
  • Look for numerous changes to buttons, messaging, graphical design and intuitive features.

To learn more about BetterBNC, schedule a complimentary platform demo or for other information, please contact karen@smalltownpapers.com.

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