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Mirror Awards Moves to BetterBNC Platform

logo-mirror-awardsThe Mirror Awards are among journalism’s most prestigious awards honoring excellence in media industry reporting.  But up until recently, the awards program hosted by Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications faced challenges with the way its contest was administered.

“We had a complicated and convoluted system for assigning entries, which took a ton of time and effort on the part of several members of our team,” explains Mirror Awards event coordinator Sarah Hope. The awards program moved to the BetterBNC platform in 2013 and now with two BetterBNC contests under its belt, 2013 and 2014, administrators are able to see how much the process has improved.

“Now, with the algorithm embedded in the contest platform, we are able to randomly assign entries quickly and easily. It is incredibly helpful in that respect. The switch to BetterBNC allowed us to accept entries online and collect contact information rather than being bombarded with emails and having to follow up with those entrants.”

The Mirror Awards team worked with BetterBNC to customize its contest platform and the result has been easier for all involved but Hope notes, the change has been particularly helpful for judges. “They find it much easier than the complex spreadsheets we used to send them. Having all of the entries in one place also facilitates the in-person judging weekends that we conduct where several (up to 15) judges sit in a room and discuss the entries to decide on finalists and winners. They can bring up the entries they weren’t assigned or even read extra entries in advance if they wish. They enjoy the process more now that it is all online for them.”

Designed specifically for journalism contests, BetterBNC today works with administrators of journalism, broadcaster, public relations and other creative contests to create the smoothest online experience possible. Contact BetterBNC today for a free demo.