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BetterBNC Provides Customized Contest Homepages and URLs

logo-300Customers asked for it and BetterBNC has delivered.  BetterBNC now offers customized contest homepages.  Contests can choose to  have their own unique URL so they can link directly to the branded contest homepage.

This new BetterBNC feature includes the ability to use a simple web editor to select a color palette and theme.  It allows for the easy upload of an organization’s logos, graphics and artwork as well as a collection of stock images available for use.

BetterBNC is holding a webinar next month to showcase the new customized homepage features.  Email us if you’d like to receive an invitation to the complimentary demo in October.

Welcome to BetterBNC.

Trophies_100Thanks for visiting our BetterBNC blog.  We look forward to sharing information about our leading contest platform and the experiences of the more than 160 organizations using BetterBNC for their contests today.  To learn more about the features of the platform, visit www.betterbnc.com and be sure to check out some of the new features that users are enjoying such as Open Call contests, contestant scrapbooks and more.