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BetterBNC & Large File Entries

It’s common that for General Excellence categories or for complete PR campaigns, contestants may have very large PDF files to enter into a contest. Some contestants use their own accounts on third-party e-publishing vendors such as Issu, VuDu or RealView — all provide page-by-page streaming of documents. A published document on a third-party site can then be entered into BetterBNC by way of a web URL. Contestants making entries in this manner should be reminded that it is their responsibility to maintain their third-party accounts until after judging.

Most very large PDF files can be easily reduced in size using Adobe Acrobat or other programs to reduce the PDF file size before uploading. Select the file compression options and a lower resolution for “web viewing” — 72-99 dpi is sufficient.

If you have any questions about your large file entries, simply contact us or you can complete a Trouble Ticket and we’ll get back to you.