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Ask this question before it’s too late!

One of the broadcaster associations which moved from another platform to BetterBNC two years ago told me that one of the biggest issues with the other platform was one that they hadn’t thought to ask about from the beginning.

The platform required that audio and video file entries be uploaded and this was done using a single server with limited capacity.  The result was that it often took stations hours to upload files and when multiple contests were running, things were much worse.  Sometimes contests simply couldn’t get on the server to upload their entries.

rackspaceServers and processors are of critical importance to your online contest.  BetterBNC recently completed an extensive hardware update which included an upgrade to state of the art NextGen servers, processors and storage with industry-leading cloud computing provider RackSpace. The high performance servers and processor capabilities are scalable to meet demand and ensure reliable performance for contestants, judges and contest administrators.

Additionally, we’re repeatedly told by contest administrators and judges that BetterBNC’s use of links for contest entries,  rather than file uploads required by other platforms, is saving significant time and effort.

Like tech and customer support, server capacity may not be something you see up front, but it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to your contest experience.