Why does your contest need Integrated Judging?

IntegratedWell, it made Thompson Writing’s list of overused business buzzwords – Integrated. You know it’s an important concept but when it comes to an online contest platform, what does it really mean? It depends on who you ask.

One of the BetterBNC features that administrators most appreciate is the platform’s Integrated Judging. For BetterBNC, integration means that the elements of the platform are linked and coordinated. For example, our contest administrators are always able to see real-time judging updates and judging reports are easily generated and exported on demand.

As administrator, you manage the judging assignments and monitor progress from your dashboard. Want to see how judging is progressing? Simply pull up a table that displays judging progress in real-time.

When judging has been completed, easily view comprehensive results in tables or export judging reports in various styles and formats.

Integrated judging is earning high marks from BetterBNC contest administrators and judges alike.

Mary Worland with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters appreciates how easy it is for all involved saying, “It’s so user-friendly, just drag and drop, and it’s also so much easier to download and export reports for ourselves and the auditors.”  

Jack Dvorak from the Bloomington Press Club used BetterBNC to judge a contest and told us, “I have used the program as a judge and find it easy to use, efficient and effective.”

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Planning for an easier contest in 2015.

How well is your contest platform performing for you?  Is it easy and intuitive with exceptional customer service?  Do judges and contestants rave about it? As we look to the start of 2015, we invite you to check out BetterBNC and what its powerful contest platform can do for your awards program.

BetterBNC is currently the preferred platform for nearly 200 news media, creative and PR organizations across North America.  Among them, the San Diego SPJ chapter which moved to BetterBNC in 2013. Its contest administrator Terry Williams, who had used BetterBNC for the San Diego Press Club since 2011, says BetterBNC has dramatically improved their SPJ contest, “I have had experience with one other platform and believe me, BetterBNC is far superior. Ease of entering, judging, reporting – all. But more than the system itself, the major advantage is expert and prompt customer service. My members with issues are either answered directly or referred to me so I keep in close touch with the process.”

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BetterBNC is an affordable and fully-integrated platform created specifically for journalism and media contests. Based on industry contest best practices, it has been designed to handle the complex security, rules and judging requirements unique to journalism , creative media and PR contests. It includes many exclusive features such as Contestant Manager which enables organizations to manage entries and monitor employee activity to ensure appropriate entries are made and Open Call which allows you to open your contest to non-members and freelancers. New this season is the ability, at no additional charge, to create a customized, branded homepage for your contest.

If you’re interested in a better contest experience in 2015, we can help.  You’re welcome to take a look at the platform in a complimentary demo scheduled at your convenience.  Simply contact us today.