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cupWhile set up and making entries is important, perhaps the most critical element of your online news media, creative or public relations contest platform, is the judging mechanism.  Yes, it’s critical for contest integrity but using the right platform also makes it easier to recruit individuals to evaluate contest entries today and in the future.

Ultimately, the judging experience must be easy for the judge who is donating their time and energy to the contest.  BetterBNC is praised by judges for its easy drag-and-drop process and their ability to judge contests from anywhere without having to use special software or spend hours downloading files.

“This makes the judging a piece of cake. It goes so quickly compared to what we used to do.”

– Desiree Cahoon,  Lake Stevens (WA) Journal Publisher

Increasingly, contests have multiple judges looking at multiple categories and then ranking entries based on multiple criteria, and some go through multiple rounds of judging.  Ensuring judges have an efficient and intuitive experience and contest administrators have an easy way of monitoring, retrieving and exporting the results can be quite complex.

For contests with a more involved judging structure, BetterBNC has created two optional modules.

The Advanced Judging Module accommodates contests with multiple judges per entry and multiple rounds of judging.

The Detailed Scoring Module provides judges with easy-to-use scoring tools and comment fields allowing them to offer more enhanced feedback when selecting winners.

For contest administrators, BetterBNC provides Integrated Judging which means the admin is always able to monitor judging progress in real-time and easily generate and export reports.  Click here to read more on the significance of Integrated Judging.

Make sure that your platform is as easy for your team of judges to use as it is for the entrants and administrators.  To learn more about judging with BetterBNC, contact us today and schedule a complimentary demo – simply email or call our west coast office at 360.427.6300.  Be sure to read more about what our customers have to say.

Schedule Your BetterBNC Demo Today

Calls are coming in.  Many contest administrators are looking to either move their journalism, PR or creative contest online or change the platform they’re currently using.   This the time of year to schedule your demo and see what BetterBNC can do to improve your contest experience in 2015.  The platform today is being used by nearly 200 organizations hosting contests of all shapes and sizes.  Some of our contests have just a handful of entries while others have hundreds.

MABLogoMany of our BetterBNC contests are reporting consistent growth in their contests each year – more organizations and more entries.  The Michigan Association of Broadcasters just had a record year for its Broadcast Excellence Awards.  They had 926 entries submitted by 89 stations across the state.  Congrats to contest administrator Mary Worland and her team! Winners of their contest will be announced March 11th.

Those using BetterBNC enjoy its features  and modules including:

  • Contestant Manager™ – Allows organizations to manage entries and monitor employee contest activity.
  • Open Call™ – Allows contest administrators to open the contest to non-members and freelancers.
  • Customized Homepages – Organizations can create their own branded contest homepage for no additional charge.
  • Revenue Manager – Cart system fully integrated with PayPal.
  • Integrated Judging – See real time judging updates and easily generate and export judging reports. (more details here)
  • Exceptional  Customer Service – The BetterBNC tech support team is responsive and thorough.

Join us in an upcoming demo to see the platform in action and learn more about what it can do for your contest.  You can easily schedule a demo for your and your team by contacting BetterBNC – email