Starting a new media contest?

We found it a bit surprising to learn that many organizations are thinking about starting a new journalism, ad or PR contest. What’s surprising is that it comes amid a constant buzz about industry cutbacks when one might think there would be fewer contest participants.  So, what’s happening?

We’ve learned from those organizations who are looking at using BetterBNC when they launch their new contest that there are a couple of reasons they want to add a contest.  First, there are entry fees that can help keep an organization vibrant – providing a great service for members and their professional community.  Second, with some organizations streamlining, media professionals and the organizations they represent want a way to differentiate themselves and promote their achievements.  Awards can help raise the bar and encourage excellence in the field.

The easiest way to start a contest is to invest in a platform that makes it easy for an organization and doesn’t over-stress limited staff.  Contact us to learn more about how BetterBNC can help you launch a new journalism, photography, ad or PR contest. Email for details or to schedule a complimentary demo.