“I have had experience with one other platform and believe me, BetterBNC is far superior.  Ease of entering, judging, reporting – all.  But more than the system itself, the major advantage is expert and prompt customer service.  My members with issues are either answered directly or referred to me so I keep in close touch with the process.”
-Terry Williams, San Diego Press Club

“The Wisconsin Newspaper Association has utilized BetterBNC for the past four years and the platform significantly streamlined administration of our annual professional, collegiate and high school newspaper contests. It significantly improves the ease and convenience of judging, and the customer service is always helpful and expeditious! The staff is always quick to respond to any question and assist with troubleshooting in order to ensure everything is running smoothly for us and our members. They’re a pleasure to work with.”
-Julia Hunter, Wisconsin Newspaper Association

“You cannot ask for a better, easier and more comprehensive way to run your public relations contest. They’ve thought of everything and your entrants and judges will thank you. The customer service was spectacular. They’re easy to work with, so polite and our requests were taken care of immediately.”
-Adam Calaway, Oklahoma College Public Relations Association

“It cuts down the upload time on the television side of things, the time it takes a station to enter and also for judging. Rather than waiting to download, [judges] just click a link to view. It’s so user-friendly, just drag and drop, and it’s also so much easier to download and export reports for ourselves and the auditors.”
-Mary Worland, Michigan Association of Broadcasters

“I have used the program as a judge and find it easy to use, efficient and effective.”
-Jack Dvorak, Bloomington Press Club

“We had a complicated and convoluted system for assigning entries, which took a ton of time and effort on the part of several members of our team. Now, with the algorithm embedded in the contest platform, we are able to randomly assign entries quickly and easily. It is incredibly helpful in that respect. The switch to BetterBNC allowed us to accept entries online and collect contact information rather than being bombarded with emails and having to follow up with those entrants.”
-Sarah Hope, The Mirror Awards

“BetterBNC has been a big improvement over our earlier method…previously we had a manual contest and entries were newspaper clippings or print outs. We appreciate our contest coordinator’s ability to track entries from writers and the ability to grab electronic versions of the entry for use in the awards ceremony slide show.”
-David Hendee, North American Agricultural Journalists

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