Features Helping You Host a Better Contest

BetterBNC is committed to the success of our customer’s contests. A suite of powerful features and modules, and the fact that it is designed specifically for journalism, creative and PR contests, distinguishes BetterBNC from other platforms on the market. Check out some of our customer’s favorite features below.

BetterBNC Features:

  • Marketing Manager – Allows contest administrators to easily communicate with users by sending email from the administrator dashboard to contest judges and contestants from both current and previous contest years.  The administrator can create and save email templates or create individual emails. You can target judges who have not yet finished assignments, or specific groups of contestants such as those who made entries last year, but haven’t done so yet in your current contest. You can launch campaigns to call for entries, or remind users of impending deadlines.  The feature is easy and intuitive to use and makes communicating with your judges and contestants more productive.  
  • Contestant Scrapbooks – Contestants have indicated that they often find themselves scrambling before a contest deadline to locate a piece they’ve done which would be an appropriate entry. The new scrapbooking feature allows contestants to save their work in their own scrapbook account then simply upload it directly into an entry when the time is right.
  • Open Call™ – Contest administrators can use the Open Call feature to invite unaffiliated journalists to enter their contests. Freelancers and contestants who enter on their own behalf rather than through a media organization can create their own account with BetterBNC, then enter an Open Call contest. With the ability to expand a contest beyond a membership group or to different levels of participants, contest administrators can also create up to four independent entry fee structures for a single contest.
  • Contestant Manager™– With Contestant Manager, an organization’s senior managers and editors control who and what entries are made for a contest. They have the ability to manage entries themselves, assign someone else to manage the process or authorize employees to create entries for their respective departments.

BetterBNC Modules:

  • Revenue Manager Module – Accept and manage entry payments made by credit card or check.  An integrated shopping cart for entry fee payments by check or credit card, with the ability to see entry payment dates/amounts/methods. Admin reports also track entry payment dates/amounts/methods.
  • Entry Asset Manager – Download all attachments, website URLs, and judges’ comments from all contest winning entries at one time.  All winning entry content items are organized into folders and uploaded to a secure FTP website for admins to download all at once, saving time and effort.
  • Detailed Scoring Module – Add multiple criteria to each category’s judging form, each with its own scoring slider and comments field. Reports allow you to retrieve all scores/comments for every entry (winners and non-winners), including up to 5 places for winners. Allows for an enhanced judging feedback approach, allowing admins to retrieve all judge feedback for all entries (winners and non-winners).
  • Advanced Judging Module Multiple judges may be assigned per category (automated/manual options), with multiple rounds of judging, and admin reports help you retrieve all winners’ information.  Allows for multiple rounds of judging and multiple judges per entry, with all admin reports to help track results at each state.
  • Multi-round Judging Module Two or more rounds of judging can be applied to your contest. Once your first round judging is complete, we create a duplicate contest database, allowing each finalist entry to be moved to any new categories/judging set by admin.

BetterBNC provides training and 24/7 in-house support at no additional charge.  Contact us today to learn more or schedule a complimentary demo.