Q:  What is BetterBNC™?
A:  BetterBNC is the leading digital awards platform for all media types including print, broadcast, specialty, creative and production trades.  The integrated contest platform streamlines the entire contest process: newspapers, broadcasters and media creatives  quickly and easily upload entries, judges review and evaluate entries online, and the contest administrator manages the entire process from their desktop.

Q:  How is BetterBNC a better contest experience for contestants?
A:  BetterBNC makes entering contests easier than ever before.  Contestants have indicated that they often find themselves scrambling before a contest deadline to locate a piece they created  which would be an appropriate entry. The Contestant Scrapbook feature was created to allow contestants to save their work in their own scrapbook account then simply upload it directly into an entry when the time is right.

Q:   How easy to use is the platform for a media outlet that wants control over which entries are made by its employees?
A:  With BetterBNC’s Contestant Manager™, an organization’s senior managers and editors control who and what entries are made for a contest. They have the ability to manage entries themselves, assign someone else to manage the process or authorize employees to create entries for their respective departments.

Q:  Does the platform allow us to invite freelancers to participate?
A:  Contest administrators can use the Open Call™ feature to invite unaffiliated journalists to enter their contests. Freelancers and contestants who enter on their own behalf rather than through a media organization can create their own account with BetterBNC, then enter an Open Call contest. With the ability to expand a contest beyond a membership group or to different levels of participants, contest administrators can also create up to four independent entry fee structures for a single contest.

Q:  How does BetterBNC decide which changes/enhancements it makes to the platform?
A:  The online contest platform is continuously updated with features and capabilities driven largely by user feedback and requests.  An Admin Advisory Group made up of several representatives from organizations using the platform has been formed to review and recommend future changes and additions.

Q:  Why doesn’t BetterBNC use screenshots and instruction manuals?
A:   BetterBNC is constantly improved with new features and tools, and we favor straight-forward intuitive design that will not require training by users. When we roll out a feature with more complexity, we do include user instruction documents on the BetterBNC support website (www.betterbncsupport.com).

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