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Nearly 200 Organizations are using BetterBNC Today

Of the nearly 200 organizations currently using BetterBNC’s awards program platform, a growing number are coming from broadcast and public relations organizations.  They tell us that they’re attracted to BetterBNC by the entirely online experience and ease of linking to broadcast stories and PR campaign materials.  The result is that customers are saving time on the administrative end and are still able to promote and grow their awards programs.

We appreciate our current BetterBNC users who are sharing their experiences with other contest administrators.  Most of our new customers say they contacted us after after hearing about positive experiences from their peers in other chapters of their groups including AP, SPJ, press clubs, broadcast groups etc.

For more information about BetterBNC’s platform created specifically for the journalism industry or to schedule a complimentary demo, contact Carter Cheston at carter@smalltownpapers.com.

160 Media Contests and Climbing!

BetterBNC® is pleased to be the preferred contest platform for more than 160 print, broadcast and creative contests across North America.  Our list of participating contests is climbing as organizations prepare for their fall entry and contest periods.

We’re excited to welcome a growing number of broadcast contests as well as two public relations and marketing contests.  Participating contests include AP and SPJ chapters,  broadcast associations, press clubs and associations, specialty organizations and more.   Click below to see who’s using the BetterBNC contest platform today.

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