BetterBNC never charges you extra for customer support.

BetterBNC is dedicated to the success of our contests.  We want to ensure that your organization provides the best contest experience possible for your contest admin, judges and contestants.  Our commitment to exceptional tech support is a part of that.

With BetterBNC, all training and support is included in your base price – you’re never charged extra at the end of the year for support.  If you have a question, you simply complete a “trouble ticket” which is available here.  The trouble ticket is sent to members of our tech team immediately.  They review the issue and respond directly to you. Completing the trouble ticket is the fastest way to get the assistance you need.

If you are a contestant and have questions about contest rules and submissions, you can contact the sanctioning organization’s contest administrator directly. Their contact information is generally available on the contest’s main webpage.

Want to know more?  Contact us at BetterBNC.  If your organization is interested in BetterBNC, schedule a complimentary demo today.


Judges Really do Prefer BetterBNC

We’ve been delighted to have welcomed several new contests in recent weeks and we have a new one signing on to BetterBNC this week.  We’ve seen a very strong trend with these new contests.

Many organizations are encouraged to switch to BetterBNC because either their contest judges recommended it or their members who have judged other contests using BetterBNC have suggested it.  Judges say BetterBNC has one of the easiest and most intuitive judging interfaces around.

We take that very seriously as we strive to make the contest easy and efficient for everyone involved including the judges who often volunteer their time to thoroughly review entries.  We incorporated an easy drag and drop mechanism to help them organize their favorites and we have features that ensure judges can review entries from their computer or device without having to worry about time consuming and cumbersome downloads.

Last year, we added a Marketing Manager features (which comes with the base price) that allows contest administrators to send reminders and other information to judges right from the contest dashboard.

We appreciate our customers who continue to recommend the platform to their peers involved with journalism, creative and PR contests across the country.  If your organization would like to see the platform, contact us to schedule a complimentary 45 minute demo.  Email today.  We can help you make the switch before your next Call for Entries goes out.