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Is my contest too small for BetterBNC?

It’s a question we often hear.  Is the BetterBNC contest platform designed for larger contests – those with a large number of entries – or will it work for my organization’s small contest?

BetterBNC customers have contests ranging in size from a hundred entries to thousands of entries – the platform works for contests of all shapes and sizes.  Even our very small contests appreciate that it saves time and energy for everyone involved – your contest admin, judges and contestants.  The result may even be growth in the  number of entries you receive each year – we’ve seen that trend among our customers.

We also have customers who come to BetterBNC from other platforms as well as those who are taking the contest online for the first time after operating in the past manually.  Don’t worry about the learning curve – all of your training and support for the year is included in your BetterBNC base price. There’s never a charge at the end of the year for support.

Contact BetterBNC and take a look at the platform in a complimentary demo.  Email karen@smalltownpapers.com to schedule a demo for you and your team this summer.


Why choose BetterBNC for your contest?

Why BetterBNC — an easy, intuitive online platform designed specifically for the print and broadcast media, creative and PR industries?

  • Operates on powerful cloud servers to ensure smooth operation even during the busiest of contest seasons.
  • Includes robust standard features and can be customized to your unique contest requirements.
  • Encourages industry best-practices for fairness, transparency and ethical behavior.
  • Features designed to help your contestants and judges manage their work efficiently.
  • Accommodates contests of all sizes and complexities.
  • Is an affordable and efficient contest solution for all types of media organizations.
  • BetterBNC is repeatedly recognized for its outstanding user support and administrator training.
  • BetterBNC’s Advisor Group, made up of contest executives and senior admins, provides valuable oversight and gives you a voice in new features and benefits.

BetterBNC is being used by hundreds of organizations across North America and thousands of contestants.  Schedule a complimentary demo today and see how BetterBNC can improve your organization’s contest experience for your contest admin, judges and contestants.  Email karen@smalltownpapers.com for details.

The BetterBNC Difference for Your Contest

Thank you for helping make 2015 the most outstanding year yet at BetterBNC! We’ve welcomed more than a dozen new contests in recent months including 3 Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) chapters, 7 National Council for Marketing & PR (NCMPR) chapters, a new high school press association and the first National Association of Black Journalists chapter. Additionally, we are busy processing renewals for upcoming 2016 contests. It’s an exciting time at BetterBNC.

All of us at BetterBNC wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season. We appreciate your partnering with BetterBNC to create the very best journalism, creative and PR contest experience for everyone involved in your awards program.

The BetterBNC Difference
We’re often asked by organizations looking to move to BetterBNC, what the main difference is between BetterBNC and other contest platforms. Built and designed specifically for journalism, creative and PR awards programs, BetterBNC offers the most features and benefits important to the media trades.  Our comprehensive, on-demand contest administrator training and support program sets us apart from all others. Unlimited support for contest administrators, judges and contestants is included in your base price – there is never a limit on the support you receive with your contract and you never receive a bill at the end of the year for support.

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BetterBNC is completely independent of any trade association or political organization and has no external agenda.
We are committed to fairness, transparency and security,
and we work only for you.

Why Contest Administrators Prefer BetterBNC

We asked administrators of media, creative and PR awards programs what they liked about BetterBNC’s platform.  The number one answer was tech support – our tech team has consistently earned high marks for being responsive and thorough.  The second  response we heard most frequently was that we listen to feedback and suggestions from contest administrators and provide them ways to learn from others.

It’s been an important part of the platform’s growth and development.  We created an Admin Advisor Group comprised of ten contest administrators with experience using the platform.  The advisors review platform enhancements and provide feedback on features and modules such as a new communication feature that’s being added this month at no additional cost to our contests. (Stay tuned – details are coming soon)

As well, we created a LinkedIn group just for BetterBNC contest admins providing them a way to share information and ask questions of others using the platform.  It is a private group – admins simply request to join.  Simply look for BettterBNC Contest Administrators under LinkedIn Groups or click here.

Coming Soon!  Redesigned BetterBNC homepage and new communications feature.  You can request a complimentary demo of BetterBNC – simply contact us today.

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BetterBNC – The Best Platform for Contest Judges


cupWhile set up and making entries is important, perhaps the most critical element of your online news media, creative or public relations contest platform, is the judging mechanism.  Yes, it’s critical for contest integrity but using the right platform also makes it easier to recruit individuals to evaluate contest entries today and in the future.

Ultimately, the judging experience must be easy for the judge who is donating their time and energy to the contest.  BetterBNC is praised by judges for its easy drag-and-drop process and their ability to judge contests from anywhere without having to use special software or spend hours downloading files.

“This makes the judging a piece of cake. It goes so quickly compared to what we used to do.”

– Desiree Cahoon,  Lake Stevens (WA) Journal Publisher

Increasingly, contests have multiple judges looking at multiple categories and then ranking entries based on multiple criteria, and some go through multiple rounds of judging.  Ensuring judges have an efficient and intuitive experience and contest administrators have an easy way of monitoring, retrieving and exporting the results can be quite complex.

For contests with a more involved judging structure, BetterBNC has created two optional modules.

The Advanced Judging Module accommodates contests with multiple judges per entry and multiple rounds of judging.

The Detailed Scoring Module provides judges with easy-to-use scoring tools and comment fields allowing them to offer more enhanced feedback when selecting winners.

For contest administrators, BetterBNC provides Integrated Judging which means the admin is always able to monitor judging progress in real-time and easily generate and export reports.  Click here to read more on the significance of Integrated Judging.

Make sure that your platform is as easy for your team of judges to use as it is for the entrants and administrators.  To learn more about judging with BetterBNC, contact us today and schedule a complimentary demo – simply email Karen@smalltownpapers.com or call our west coast office at 360.427.6300.  Be sure to read more about what our customers have to say.