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BetterBNC Earns High Customer Marks for Tech Support

At BetterBNC our mission is to help all of our users enjoy a successful contest experience. A lot goes into that – intuitive design, great features, and robust capability.  But there’s one particular feature that often goes unnoticed which turns out to be one of the strongest components of the BetterBNC®  journalism contest awards platform.

It’s rarely asked about up front but is critical to a contest’s success and ultimate customer satisfaction – it is our Tech Support.  At BetterBNC, Tech Support is not an add-on; it is not an additional charge; and it is not available for just a couple of hours in the day.

Our Tech Support team is available to help contest administrators, contestants and judges if and when they need it. I asked Cody, a member of the Tech team, what issue he is asked about most frequently.  No surprise to many, he said it is users forgetting their passwords.  As Tech Support goes, it’s a good problem to have and an easy one to solve.

TroubleTicket_redThe team is eager to help contest users with their experience.  It’s easy to contact them – the platform user simply submits a Trouble Ticket which is automatically forwarded to Tech Support. Tech team members monitor user inquiries seven days a week, early until late. Additionally, questions submitted are reviewed by BetterBNC to determine whether platform changes are needed to address the issue for all users.

Click here to access helpful user guides or you can initiate a trouble ticket.