The Value of Awards Programs

cupWe’re excited to see that so many of the contests using BetterBNC are growing and thriving.  With our online platform, the contest process is easier than ever before which means more people are entering and it’s easier to recruit judges.

In a post in the fall, we released the results of a poll we conducted which explored the value of journalism, media and PR awards programs.

  1. The majority of those polled indicated that awards programs and recognition provide member news and PR organizations with a marketing opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors.
  2. Contests provide individuals with recognition that can help them advance their careers.
  3. Respondents also indicated that they believe the spirit of competition improves the overall news or PR product.  (Here’s a great blog on how student contests lead to better news stories)
  4. Ultimately, contests can increase involvement, membership and awareness of the sponsoring organization.

In an article in The Tallassee Tribune this week announcing the winners of the Alabama Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest, Shannon Elliott with Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc. wrote about the value of the awards to her newspaper group.

We are constantly evaluating our work and looking for new, innovative ways to bring the news to our readers and a solid response to our advertisers.  Winning these awards confirms we are among the best in the state and we will continue to find ways to improve through our editorial products and by providing new and exciting avenues for our advertisers to get their message across.

Contests provide newspapers with an advertising edge and individual contestants with a way to differentiate them from their peers.  When executed well, contests will see the number of participants increase and for many organizations that translates to a larger and more active membership.  (Click here to read more about OCPRA which has experienced 15-20% growth.)

The summer is a great time to move a contest to a new platform.  Take a look and see if BetterBNC can improve your contest experience.  Email to schedule a complimentary demo today.

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