Does your contest involve large files?

We talk about it often but it’s worth repeating because of the frequency of one question we’re asked – how does the BetterBNC contest platform manage large files? During a demo, a contest administrator asked whether multiple 19MB files can be uploaded within a single entry.  He said that is frequently the case with their contest which involves submitting campaigns and complete magazine issues.  This question also comes up often with contests which have a General Excellence category. With BetterBNC, there is a file size limit of 20MB so, as an example, a user can upload 5 files that are 15MB each all to one single entry. Contestants should be encouraged to use Acrobat or other available programs to reduce the size of their PDF files before uploading. Select the resolution for “web viewing” (most newspapers use the higher “press” resolution). 72-99 dpi is sufficient.  This makes viewing much easier for your contest judges.
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